We have had an amazing Science week at our school. During the week the children took part in variety of science activities. They created birds using different techniques. We have learnt the facts about Robins, and have engaged in bird watching.
Reception class have made up Little Robin song to the tune of 'Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree'.

Little Robin
Little Robin seats on the berry tree
Looking for some worms that he can eat
Look, little Robin look
There's a juicy worm in the soil for you

Little Robin seats on the berry tree
Sitting on the eggs
looking for some tea
Sit, little robin sit
Keep your eggs safe
Keep them warm
We would like the children to create the third verse of the song at home with your help. Please bring the lyrics to school next week.
The Scientist we have researched in the Foundation Stage is Alexander Bell. The classroom was like a call centre. Children used their hand made telephones to chat to their friends and teachers.

On Friday The children t…
This week we have celebrated The World Book Day at school. The children were excited while talking about their favourite characters and while presenting their costumes to the others. In Reception we discussed the meaning of the words: an author and a book  title. The children show great listening skills during story time, they are creative when making up own stories, and are keen on writing their own books.

Next week is The Science Week at Little Heath School. On Friday The Foundation Stage will take part in the Bubbles Workshop which will give the children an opportunity to explore the properties of bubbles. I bet it will be a very educational and fun experience for all.

The Red Nose Day will be celebrated on Friday next week. To raise the money for the charity the whole school will take part in 'Danceathon'. Each class will dance for a period of time, making sure our dancing does not stop from the beginning of our school day till the end. Children can come dressed in their o…
The weather was kind to us for the most of the week therefore our learning was mainly based outdoors. Barbecue season is officially opened at Little Heath School. The children created an amazing barbecue site in our garden with many delicious dishes on offer.

During the week the children engaged in retelling the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. They have used the story stones to structure the story, and have created their story boards.

The Pyjama day was a lot of fun for all of us. We looked at different designs and patterns on our pyjamas, and have created our own patterns. Thank you very much for all of your kind donations.

Next Thursday we will celebrate  World Book Day. The children are welcome to dress up as their favourite book character.
This week the children were introduced to the following letter sounds: ow, ear, and the tricky
 word: all. Next week we will learn the sounds: air, ure and er. Please encourage your child to draw, write labels for their pictures, write s…